Food Handler Course

Food Handler Course

It’s a legal requirement that anyone who handles, prepares or serves food as part of their job in Malaysia must be trained in food safety. Since 1985, MOH introduce this Food Handler Course program under Food Safety and Quality Division. This training is also known as Kursus Pengendali Makanan in Bahasa Malaysia and other terms such as Food Handling Course, Food Handler Training course.

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This training needs to attend only once in a lifetime, however the health department have full authority to instruct to attend this Food Handling course again if he or she thinks that the individuals is not practice a good hygiene practice.

The primary objective of this Food Handler Course Certificate is designed to meet that legal requirement, as well as protecting customers and food businesses from food poisoning and other food safety issues


The Food Handling course by Ministry Of Health Malaysia (MOH) is a basic course for those getting started in the food industry, or people who just need to meet the minimum requirements for food safety training such as Homebased food seller.

The lessons cover all the basics including personal hygiene, safe food handling and how to identify food safety hazards.

This course is fully accredited by Malaysia Ministry Of Health (MOH), which means that upon successful completion, your certificate of completion is valid across all of Malaysia.

This certificate also is recognized by all 149 Local authority includes DBKL which is why it is very valuable for food handler to attend this course now.

Whenever food handler need to find a job in food industry, just attached this certification together with resume and indirectly ease the employer burden not to have to send new staff for food handler course again.

What’s more, your Food Handling Course certificates have no expiry date, meaning you need to attend this course only once in a lifetime.

Also you can use this food handling certificate towards a further qualification such as BeSS, MeSTI, GMP, HACCP and even Halal certification. If you want to know more on halal, it is recommended that you read this Ultimate Guide – Halal Certificate. It will save you a lot of your time and will definitely get you in the right directions.

This food handler course requires 3 hours to complete and you’ll receive your certificate copy within a few business days of completing the course, if not sooner!

Overview of Food Handler Course

According to Malaysian Food Act 1983 legal requirement that all food handlers must attend this Course before even start work in food handling activities.

The Food Handler course is designed for people who prepare, handle or serve food as part of their job. Even the cashier, truck driver and dishwasher needs to attend this training.

Employer, beware of this as it is employer’s responsibility to make sure that the employee have attended the food handler course or employer have to take the responsibility to sent them to this course.

We have written extensive information and update on this course but this article is written in Bahasa Malaysia. If you have no problems reading in Bahasa Malaysia, then hop on to Kursus Pengendalian Makanan – Info Lengkap

Food Handler Course in Shah Alam

Food Handler Course Content – What to Expect

At the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to identify food safety hazards in the workplace and know what to do if a food safety incident occurs.

The content of the training course ensures that individuals are aware of their responsibilities as a food handler, and provides comprehensive information about personal hygiene and best practice for ensuring food safety.

Course Outline

The Food Handling Course Malaysia module is broken down into four (4) interactive module which covers:

  • Food Act 1983
  • Food Hygiene Regulation 2009
  • Responsibilities of employers and staff
  • Benefits of cleanliness exercise
  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Food quality and food contamination
  • Contamination Agents
  • Food Borne Diseases
  • Food poisoning prevention
  • Regulation of waste and control of pests
  • Job ethics washing, sanitation, hygiene of individuals & premises

Course Assessment

There will be quiz and test for this training course which is to be completed or else no certificate will be given and it has three (3) parts:

Part 1 – Quiz
Throughout this course, you will be given simple quiz on food safety. Just to make sure you are paying attention to the trainer.

Part 2 – Pre Test
Pre test have completed all of the 30 sets of question on food safety. This is to assess participants knowledge before attending course.

Part 3 – Post Test
At the end of this course, you will be given post test which is another 30 sets of question need to be answered correctly. The passing mark for his test is 80%. Failing to pass in which you will be given a chance to re-seat this test. Should you fail this you need to re-register.

Online Course

Starting from April 2020, MOH has granted registered training provider to conduct online training with maximum of 20pax only as opposed to 30pax for physical class.

This limitation is introduced to observe online training efficiency and it might go to 30pax if the online training seems effective.

How To Register For Food Handler Course?

Should you have more than 10 workers to attend this training, we are more than happy to conduct In-House training just for your team which means more focus to your team and your business.

You may contact us for free quotation.

If you have less than that, you may opt for our public training. Please proceed register via Online Registration Food Handler Course or you may contacts us if you have trouble to complete the registration.

HRD Corp SBL Claim

If your organization is registered with Human Resource Development Corporation, then you are eligible to claim for this course. But there is minimum order quantity which is a minimum of 15 attendees. Al Barakah Training Solution is a registered training provider for Food Handler Course.

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