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Food Handler Training

The Food Handler training program is intended for food handlers and can be utilized as a learning instrument for food business and hospitality service staff. The program requires about 3 hour to finish and obtain a copy of food handler training certificate that is given to the individuals who accomplish a score of something like 90% on the test toward the finish of the program.

In Malaysia, too often we see food handlers in food premises neglecting the need for clean and safe food handling in food premises.

To solve this problem, the Food Handler Training or also known as Food Handler Course was introduced by Ministry of Health Malaysia in Food Hygiene Regulation (2009) .

Food Handler Training in Bahasa Malaysia Kursus Pengendalian Makanan. If you prefer to read about it in Bahasa Malaysia, then our team have written the ultimate guide on this topic – Kursus Pengendalian Makanan Info Lengkap

What is Food Handler Training Program?

When handling food, it is important to know and follow hygiene rules so we can ensure food safety and prevent foodborne illness. Often, the food handler is the one who intervenes as a vector for the spread of these diseases, so we must take into account the important role we play in prevention.

The food handler training program is mandatory and you can earn a certificate that will recognize you as a food handler and allow you to work in the food industry. While not mandatory to renew this training, it is recommended to attend the food handling training every 3 years and based on activity. The company itself should then provide its industry-specific training.

A food handler is anyone who comes into direct contact with food at all stages of work up to the end consumer. This includes: preparation, manufacture, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution, sale, delivery and service.

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Take this for an example, a Nasi Lemak seller smokes a cigarette while preparing nasi lemak in a stall or a food operator scratches his head while processing burger patty in a food factory.

It may seem trivial but these bad practices can contribute to contamination of food.

In 2022, during the MCO period, the numbers of home-based food sellers are rising exponentially due to Movement Control order. This is good in helping those who are jobless but it may cause spike in food poisoning cases if no action is taken by the ministry of health to control this online food sellers.

Because of this, MOH has made a decision that Home-based food sellers are also compulsory to attend this training program and obtain a copy of food handler training certificate and to declare their operations by registering their business with MOH via FOSIM Domestic.

Recognized Training Institution

This institution is called the Food Handler Training School (SLPM) which consists of private companies, statutory bodies, associations, cooperatives and Institutes of Higher Learning.

MOH is fully responsible for the recognition and monitoring activities for SLPM and the teaching staff who conduct LPM courses.

The objective of the Food Handler Training School in general is to provide exposure and awareness on the importance of clean and safe food preparation to all food handlers in the service sector and the food industry.

The LPM also emphasizes fundamental aspects in food hygiene and safety, including the self-operator and food premises.
Indirectly, the incidence of food poisoning nationwide can be reduced.

Through this Food Handler Training Program, food handlers will be trained by instructors using teaching modules provided by the MOH.

Certificate of course attendance will be given to food handlers who attend the LPM course in accordance with the terms and conditions that have been set.

Food Handler Training Review
Food Handler Training Participants Review.

Implementation of Food Handler Training

The LPM Program Accreditation Scheme has been developed by the MOH to provide guidance to SLPM and instructors who have been accredited to conduct LPM courses.

In addition, this scheme can also help officers in the MOH to conduct uniform monitoring and auditing on SLPM and teaching staff.

The content of the modules used in Food Handling Training:

  1. Introduction
    – LPM Course Requirements
    – Legislative Power
    – The Importance of Food Hygiene and Safety.
  2. Food Hygiene
    – Definition of Food Hygiene
    – Food Handler Personal Hygiene
    – Equipment
    – Food premise
    – Food Premises Environment.
  3. Food Safety
    – Selection of Raw Materials
    – Storage Method
    – Raw Material Handling
    – Food preparation
    – Food Serving
    – Transportation and Distribution.
  4. Food Poisoning Risk Factors
    – Listing 12 factors that can cause food poisoning such as touching food with hands, undercooked food, cross-contamination and others.
  5. Others
    Videos related to clean and safe food handling
    Short quiz (Pre- and post-test).

Requirement to attend Food Handling Training

  • All food handlers are required to take the Food Handling Training once in a lifetime only.
  • If the food handler does not attend the course, a fine not exceeding RM10,000.00 or imprisonment not exceeding 2 years will be imposed.

The Use of Food Handling Certificate

This list is among the uses of training certificates:

  • Application for food premise license from local authority – During application, they require a copy of this certificate to proceed. Without this certificate, your application won’t be processed.
  • Application for halal certificate – Food handler certificate is one of the requirements under the documentation part that you have to prepare once the Halal audit process starts. Want to know more on halal certificate? – read The Ultimate Guide – Halal Certificate. This will definitely save your time and surely trusted information based on our experience handling halal clients.
  • Ramadan bazaar permit application – We all know that the space lot for Ramadhan bazaar is limited, especially in hot-spot area like Kelana Jaya, TTDI and Masjid India. As the demand for this spot is high, you want to get ready all the supporting documents like this training cert copy, Typhoid jab verification letter and so on or you gonna miss those spot.
  • Application for a food truck business site permit – Food truck also need to present valid training certificate upon application for food truck permit.
  • Night market site application – Night market, Pasar Tani, Morning market.. this all need food handling certificate copy to present during application. Not only for the bosses, but for the staff as well.

How To Enroll This Training Course Online?

  1. Refer to the food handler training Online schedule.
  2. Select date.
  3. Key in participants information
  4. Complete registration, pay fees and attend the training.
  5. Receive and keep the Food handler training certificate issued by Al Barakah Training Solution.
  6. Practice clean and safe food handling.

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