Food Handling Course Malaysia

Food Handling Course

In Malaysia, it’s a legal requirement that anyone who handles, prepares or serves food as part of their job must be trained in food safety. For this purpose, Food Handling Course Malaysia was introduced by MOH in 1985 also known as Kursus Pengendalian Makanan which is compulsory for food handler to attend once in a life time.

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Thus ,the Food Handling Course Certificate is designed to meet that legal requirement, as well as protecting consumers and food businesses from the sometimes lethal consequences of food safety issues.


This training course is a basic course for those getting started in the food industry, or people who just need to meet the minimum requirements for food safety training such as Homebased food seller.

The lessons cover all the basics including personal hygiene, safe food handling and how to identify food safety hazards.

This course comes with a certificate by MOH and is fully accredited, which means that upon successful completion, your certificate of completion is valid across all of Malaysia.

What’s more, the Food Handling Course certificates have no expiry date, meaning you need to attend this course only once in a lifetime.

Also you can use this certificate towards a further qualification such as BeSS, MeSTI, GMP, HACCP and even Halal certification.

Halal certification requires all staff to attend this training.

The Food Handling course only takes 3 hours to complete and you’ll receive your certificate copy within a few business days of completing the course, if not sooner!

In-House Food Handling Course in Kuala Lumpur
In-house Food Handling Course at client’s premise.

Food Handling Course Malaysia Overview

The Food Handling course malaysia is designed for people who prepare, handle or serve food as part of their job. According to Malaysian Food Act 1983 legal requirement that all food handlers must attend this training Course before even start food handling task.

So employer, beware of this as it is employer’s responsibility to make sure that the employee have attended the food handling course or employer have to take the responsibility to sent them to this course.

Training Course Content

The content of the course ensures that individuals are aware of their responsibilities as a food handler, and provides comprehensive information about personal hygiene and best practice for ensuring food safety. At the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to identify food safety hazards in the workplace and know what to do if a food safety incident occurs.

Course Outline

The Food Handling Certificate course is broken down into two (2) interactive module which covers:

  • Food Act 1983
  • Food Hygiene Regulation 2009
  • Responsibilities of employers and staff
  • Benefits of cleanliness exercise
  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Food quality and food contamination
  • Contamination Agents
  • Food Borne Diseases
  • Food poisoning prevention
  • Regulation of waste and control of pests
  • Job ethics washing, sanitation, hygiene of individuals & premises

Course Assessment

The assessment for the Food Handling course Certificate has two (2) parts:

Part 1 – Quiz
Throughout this course, you will be given simple quiz on food safety. Just to make sure you are paying attention to the trainer.

Part 2 – Pre Test
Pre test have completed all of the 30 sets of question on food safety. This is to assess participants knowledge before attending course.

Part 3 – Post Test
At the end of this course, you will be given post test which is another 30 sets of question need to be answered correctly. The passing mark for his test is 80%. Failing to pass in which you will be given a chance to re-seat this test. Should you fail this you need to re-register.

Who should attend this course?

A compulsory course for all Food Handlers in Malaysia as stated in the Food Hygiene Regulation 2009 issued by the Ministry of Health Malaysia which requires all food handlers to be trained in Food Handling and to be familiar with this Regulations.

This course is also recommended for those indirectly associated with the food industry to create awareness and gain knowledge on basic food hygiene and prevention from food borne hazards.

In general all this group category must attend this food handling course:

  • Homebased food seller
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Manufacturer (F&B)
  • Kindergarden staff
  • School Canteen
  • Hospital Kitchen
  • Food Truck
  • Night Market
  • Morning Market
  • Food Hawkers

Online Course Available

As of April 2020, due to COVIC-19 pandemic, MOH have announced Food Handling Course to be conducted Online. However, strict guidelines are introduced to avoid misused of online training.

The maximum participants for online training is 20 only and the course period stays the same 3 hours.

How To Register Food Handling Course Malaysia?

Al Barakah Training Solution is a registered company to conduct Food Handling Course since 2009.

We offer this training course via public online, In-House and public class room style too.

Food Handling course online and public class registration can be done via our Course Registration Portal.

Food Handling Course Malaysia Price

The price for this course is only RM50 and is regulated by Ministry of Health Malaysia. Under PENJANA100+ Halal PKS initiative to bring up the economy and help small SME ease the burden post pandemic, there is 20% subsidy for online training.

It is very easy to grab this:

  1. Got to registration page
  2. Select session (morning or evening)
  3. Select available dates
  4. Choose how many participants to enroll for this course
  5. Click “Book Now”
  6. On the checkout page, click insert coupon and key in PENJANA2030
  7. The price for training course will automatically apply the Penjana subsidi of 20% excluding certificate courier fee.
  8. Key in participants details (Full Name, IC/Passport No., Tel No., and email)
  9. Once the details are complete (Make sure to input correct details, double check) proceed on payment with Securepay.
  10. Confirmation email will be sent to the booker emails, and ticket will be sent to the participants.

Note: The PENJANA Food handling course Malaysia price is only claimable under online public mode. For in-house and physical class, it is not covered under this subsidized scheme.

Food Handling Course Certificate

Upon completion of the training, participants original certificate will be processed within 24 – 48 Hours. This certificate shall be kept properly and it is advice to laminate and make a digital copy for your keep as this certificate has no expiry date. Should you lost your certificate copy, we have write one article on what should you do if you have lost your certificate.

The certificate will be courier to your registered address during registration. Our preferred courier is J&T, lowest price, fast delivery and very good document handling.

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