HACCP Awareness Training

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This training is open to food safety professionals, owners, and employees engaged in the food or non-food (pharmaceutical, medicine, or cosmetic) manufacturing industries, and the general public with an interest in starting a food manufacturing business.

  • Duration: 1-Day (0900~1700)
  • Training Mode: Online Training
  • Platform: Zoom App

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Every operation serving or selling food needs to have a food safety system in place that is designed specifically to guarantee the food being served is safe to eat. HACCP is a risk management tool is primarily used to manage food safety risks.

In Malaysia, Malaysian Standard MS 1480: 2019 published by Department of Standards to describe the requirements for food safety according to the HACCP system to ensure the safety of food during preparation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution, handling or offering for sale or supply in any sector of the food chain.

48 reviews for HACCP Awareness Training

  1. Syazwan A. Halim

    Informatic, valueable

  2. Zaki Rahman

    This course help me a lot about the understanding of HACCP

    • AdminBarakah

      Thanks Tuan Zaki. To be honest, we are satisfied when the values we want to convey, can be accepted by the participants

  3. Khairi

    Nice trainer, friendly , and simple way to understand HACCP

    • AdminBarakah

      Thanks Tuan Khairi. Indeed, Our training modules are developed to give a high learning impact with accurate explanations and the simplest approach. Thank for your feedback

  4. Azim

    Good info from moderator that help gain knowledge regarding HACCP

    • AdminBarakah

      Hi Azim,

      Thank for the feedback. You are awesome!

  5. Mohamad Razi bin Abdul Rahim

    Good training on the introduction of the HACCP

    • AdminBarakah

      Thanks Tuan Razi, hope this helps to assist on your organization HACCP Certification application process.

  6. nur shaazah

    good explanation with details provided

    • AdminBarakah

      Thank you for your feedback Ms. Nur Shaazah. Really appreciate it.

  7. Ashraf bin Abu Bakar

    Kursus yang mudah difahami

    • AdminBarakah

      Terima kasih Tuan Ashraf!

  8. Azman

    Well explained session n prooer time management. Better understanding after the session completed

    • AdminBarakah

      Terima kasih Tuan Azman,

      Semoga perkongsian dalam HACCP Awareness Training ini sedikit sebanyak dapat di gunnakan dalam operasi pengeluaran.

  9. Saari Bin Abu

    Tenaga pengajar bagus

    • AdminBarakah

      Tuan Saari,

      Terima kasih kerana memilih Al Barakah Training Solution. Semogad knowledge HACCP in imembantu dalam memantapkan lagi operasi di Kilang.

  10. Nina

    Eloquent, well-informed and experienced trainer. Had a good training sesh 👍🏻

    • AdminBarakah

      Hi Ms. Nina,

      Thank you so much! Hope to see you in other training session. Take care there dear! 😉

  11. Nurnabila Rosli

    Clear and interesting training. Understand the content, and good example provided.

    • AdminBarakah

      Hi Dear Nurnabila,

      Thank you so much for your sincere review. Glad to hear this review.

  12. Shahrina Shaharuddin

    The Trainer Ms Munirah is very well versed in her area and very knowledgeable on HACCP topic. Highly recommended to anyone who has zero info on HACCP.

    • AdminBarakah

      Salam Ms Shahrina,

      Thank you for your review. Hmm, not only for Zero HACCP knowledge but also for those who have attend similar training but still can’t understand fully the HACCP system. Our approach is different. Easy to understand, not too technical, straight to the point and practical!

  13. Muhammad Zaini Bin Kamarudin

    Good training to learn

    • AdminBarakah

      Hi Mr. Zaini,

      Thank you for your time on this HACCP Training. We do hope it give values to you. Take Care!

  14. Rosida binti Jasmi

    Good training easy to understand.
    Thank you

    • AdminBarakah

      Hi Ms. Rosida,

      You are most welcome. Thank you for having us!

  15. Yusnizah binti Yazid

    Best instructors ever in HACCP knowledgeable

    • AdminBarakah

      Hai Ms. yusnizah,

      Wow! We are glad that you feel that way. Thank you and hope to see you in other training session.

  16. Hajar

    Trainer Siti Munirah well prepare and friendly!

    • AdminBarakah

      Hai Ms. Hajar,

      Thank you very much!

  17. Setia

    Good explanation from trainer.

    • AdminBarakah

      Hi Ms. Setia,

      Thank you for participating on HACCP awareness Training.

  18. Siti

    Good information and knowledge for new beginner in haccp

    • AdminBarakah

      Hello Ms. Siti,

      Thank you for your review dear!

  19. Mohd Habibullah Mohd Isa

    The presentation is very productive and comes with easy supporting explanations.

    • AdminBarakah

      Salam Mr. Habibullah,

      Thank you for your review on HACCP Awareness Training session. Hope it helps on implementing HACCP principles within your organization. Take Care!

  20. Navin Sanjeeui

    Special thanks to my trainer Ms. Munirah. Well explained session and proper time management. Really appreciate and have better understanding after the session.

    • AdminBarakah

      Hi there Mr Navin,

      Thank you for your review on HACCP Awareness Training. See you next time in another training program! 🙂

  21. Deness A/L R.Sivabalan

    Good explanation

    • AdminBarakah

      Mr. Deness, Thank you very much for your review. You are awesome!

  22. Mohammad Saddam

    Terima kasih.. Pemahaman dan penerangan jelas dgn contoh yg ditunjukkan.. Lebih memahami skop kerja dan cara yg betul..

    • AdminBarakah

      Terima kasih Tuan Saddam kerana menghadiri HACCP Awareness Training bersama Al Barakah Training Solution Sdn Bhd.

  23. Nor Hazanah Jamiaan

    Tq puan siti munirah yaacob
    Sgt membantu..penjelasan dan pencerahAn sgt jelas..

  24. Keith Lim

    Many thanks to Siti Munirah for Well and clear explained about HACCP

  25. Nyurang Mujah

    Very good and informative

  26. An Nur Asraf bin Che Saad

    Perfect and Fun

  27. Muhamad safiq bin arman

    Very clear and happy to attend

  28. Muhammad Nur Reduan

    Kursus yang senang difahami


    The training is very understandable and satisfying.

  30. Muhammad Najmi

    Good for training

  31. Mohd shahul naim bin abdul rahman

    Very Good

  32. Muhammad Hafizhat Zamri

    Excellent..very details


    Terima kasih.. Pemahaman dan penerangan jelas dgn contoh yg ditunjukkan.. Lebih memahami skop kerja dan cara yg betul..

  34. Nurizzati binti abu zakifadzil

    Fully understood and good explaination.

  35. Mohd zulhairi

    The presentation is very productive and comes with easy supporting explanations

  36. Surianti Muhamad

    Tq for Haccp course today.

  37. Azrina Shahabuddin

    Good awareness

  38. Abdul Hadi Bin Junaidi

    Very good explanation

  39. Syafiq Idzham

    Terima kasih, penerangan yang jelas

  40. Afizan

    Excellent delivery and content.

  41. Afizan

    Excellent delivery and content.

  42. Mohd Hairul Akhmar Bin Ahmad Khalil

    Terima kasih. Penerangan yang sgt baik. Minta halal dunia dan akhirat ilmu yg diberikan.

  43. Viranjeet

    Good explanation and informative

  44. Shanker Mailwaganam

    Great info n best learning.

  45. Muhaimin Macklin

    Good learning with most great experience from the instructor

  46. Murugan Uglanathan

    Good presentation acknowledge acceptance

  47. Mohd surainan b pauzi

    Penerangan yang sangat bagus..

  48. Mawar Idris

    Good training and awareness. Thank you very much

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