Microsoft Excel Training: Intermediate & Advance level

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Microsoft Excel intermediate-Advance Training May 2024




Microsoft Excel is a widely used and versatile spreadsheet software application evolved by Microsoft. It is a fundamental part of the Microsoft Office suite, and its powerful capabilities and competencies make it a crucial tool for various duties in each non-public and professional settings. Microsoft Excel Training is designed to help customers control, analyze, and present records in a dependent and prepared way, and it has grown to be an essential tool for individuals and corporations looking for to paintings with numerical or tabular information.

Excel’s consumer-friendly interface allows users to create, format, and manipulate spreadsheets with ease, making it reachable to each beginner and advanced users. Whether you are a monetary analyst growing complicated monetary fashions, a mission manager developing timelines and schedules, a student organizing information for a studies venture, or a small business proprietor monitoring expenses and revenue, Excel gives a wide range of functionalities to fit your wishes.

In Microsoft Excel Training, we cover the key functions of Microsoft Excel encompass the ability to perform calculations the use of built-in capabilities, create charts and graphs for records visualization, use pivot tables for records evaluation, put in force conditional formatting to focus on important facts, and automate tasks the usage of macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming. These features empower users to efficaciously manage information, make records-driven decisions, and streamline diverse paintings approaches.

Microsoft Excel has turn out to be an enterprise trendy for duties consisting of economic analysis, facts manipulation, venture control, stock monitoring, and lots greater. Its tremendous use and importance in diverse fields have caused a full-size call for Excel capabilities inside the task marketplace, making it a precious ability for both experts and workers.

Tempoh Latihan

2 or 2.5 Days

Bahasa Digunakan

Bahasa Malaysia or English

Pilihan Latihan

Public & In-House

Kandungan Kursus

The course will include hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and practical case studies to reinforce learning.

  • Module 1: Automated Report
  • Module 2: Data Lookup
  • Module 3: Consolidation, 3D Reference, and Get Data
  • Module 4: Compare & Merge Workbooks
  • Module 5: PivotTable
  • Module 6: 2-Way Lookup
  • Module 7: What-if Analysis & Solver
  • Module 8: Search Engine
  • Module 9: Get Latest Data
  • Module 10: Advance Cond. Formatting Using Formula
  • Module 11: Data Forecasting Technique
  • Module 12: Fixing Data Using Text Functions
  • Module 13: Time & Date Functions
  • Module 14: Database Functions

Hasil Pembelajaran

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Create automated reports using nested IF formulas
  2. Perform data lookup using VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and INDEX & MATCH formulas.
  3. Consolidate data from multiple sheets and sources
  4. Compare and merge workbooks effectively for team collaboration and data integration.
  5. Perform What-if Analysis and use Solver for fast and efficient data analysis.
  6. Develop a data search engine system in Excel
  7. Apply advanced conditional formatting techniques
  8. Utilize data forecasting techniques for future trend analysis.
  9. Fix data-related issues using text functions
  10. Employ Excel’s database functions for efficient data analysis.


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Penyedia Latihan Berdaftar & Bertauliah


  • Certified Microsoft Excel Specialist (MOS) – Excel
  • Conducted many training programs which are related to data management using Microsoft Excel. Among clients are Ministry of Education (MOE), Agriculture Department Malaysia, Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia, Ministry of Higher Education, Rural Capital Berhad (an agency under Mara), Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia, and many more.
  • Consulted and assisted employees from government and private sectors in applying Smart Data System using Excel for their own work’s data. A problem solver for any types of issues that relate to data.
  • Developed and taught about workflows digitalization using Glide which can help company using latest cloud technology to increase work productivity.

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