Mastering Dashboard Design with Looker Studio

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The “Mastering Dashboard Design with Looker Studio” training is meticulously designed to offer participants a profound understanding of Looker Studio’s robust capabilities in creating interactive and visually compelling dashboards. This comprehensive course will empower participants with the essential knowledge and practical skills required to design and develop effective data visualizations and user-friendly dashboards, leveraging Looker Studio’s advanced features for extensive data exploration and insightful analysis.

Dashboard Design with Looker Studio

Participants will begin with an introduction to Looker Studio, understanding its interface, and navigating through its key functionalities. The course will cover the foundational concepts of data visualization and the principles of effective dashboard design, ensuring that participants can create dashboards that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-centric.

Tempoh Latihan

2 Days

Bahasa Digunakan

English & Bahasa Malaysia

Pilihan Latihan

Public & In-House

Kandungan Kursus

Module 1: Introduction to Looker Studio

  • Overview of Looker Studio and its role in dashboard creation
  • Key concepts and terminology

Module 2: Navigating Looker Studio

  • Dashboard components and interface overview
  • Understanding the Looker Studio workflow
  • Creating and managing projects and folders

Module 3: Building Basic Dashboards

  • Configuring data connections and exploring datasets
  • Creating basic dashboards using drag-and-drop functionality
  • Formatting and styling dashboards

Module 4: Advanced Dashboard Design

  • Customizing dashboard layouts and grid systems
  • Implementing advanced visualizations and chart types
  • Utilizing text and media elements for enhanced storytelling

Module 5: Interactivity and Drill-Downs

  • Creating and configuring filters and filter actions
  • Adding drill-down functionality to dashboards
  • Creating interactive elements for user engagement

Module 6: Advanced Features and Optimization

  • Applying conditional formatting and data linking
  • Leveraging derived tables for complex calculations
  • Optimizing dashboards for performance and scalability

Module 7: Collaboration and Sharing

  • Managing user permissions and access controls
  • Sharing dashboards with stakeholders
  • Utilizing scheduling and alerting options

Module 8: Best Practices and Data Storytelling

  • Design principles for effective dashboard layouts
  • Applying data storytelling techniques
  • Reviewing real-world examples and case studies

Hasil Pembelajaran

  • Understand the fundamentals of Looker Studio and its role in dashboard creation.
  • Navigate and explore the Looker Studio interface.
  • Design and build interactive dashboards using Looker Studio’s drag-and drop interface.
  • Customize dashboard layouts and visualizations to meet specific data presentation requirements.
  • Create and configure filters, drill-downs, and interactivity within dashboards.
  • Incorporate various chart types, graphs, and widgets into dashboards.
  • Implement advanced features such as conditional formatting, data linking, and derived tables.
  • Optimize dashboard performance for large datasets and complex queries.
  • Collaborate and share dashboards with stakeholders using Looker’s permissions and sharing options.
  • Apply best practices for dashboard design, usability, and data storytelling


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Siapa Yang Patut Menghadiri Kursus Ini?

This training is ideal for:

  • Data Analysts: Professionals who analyze data and need to create insightful dashboards to present their findings effectively.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developers: Individuals responsible for designing and implementing BI solutions and require advanced skills in dashboard creation.
  • Managers and Team Leads: Decision-makers who need to leverage data visualizations for strategic planning and operational efficiency.
  • IT Professionals: IT staff involved in data management and integration looking to enhance their skills in using Looker Studio for data exploration and analysis.
  • Students and Aspiring Data Professionals: Individuals seeking to build a career in data analytics and visualization, looking to gain practical experience with industry-standard tools.

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