Pengenalan Kursus

ISO 22000 awareness training course provides a comprehensive understanding of the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standard and its significance in the food industry.

Participants will explore key concepts, requirements, and implementation guidelines of ISO 22000, focusing on enhancing food safety management practices within their organizations. The course emphasizes the importance of PRPs in maintaining a hygienic environment and mitigating food safety risks.

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure compliance with ISO 22000 standards.

Tempoh Latihan

1 Day

Bahasa Digunakan

English & Bahasa Malaysia

Pilihan Latihan

Public & In-House

Kandungan Kursus

We will cover:

  • Overview of ISO standards for FSMS
  • Introduction to ISO 22000 standard and its benefits
  • Background and its intended results
  • Key concepts and structure of ISO 22000 standard
  • Terms and definitions used
  • Core requirements of ISO 22000: Two PDCA cycles
  • Understanding clause requirement of ISO 22000:2018
  • Clause 4: Context of Organization
  • Clause 5: Leadership
  • Clause 6: Planning
  • Clause 7: Support
  • Clause 8: Operation
  • Clause 9: Performance Evaluation
  • Clause 10: Improvement
  • Documentation requirements for ISO 22000

Hasil Pembelajaran

Specifically, at the end of the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts and key components of ISO 22000.
  • Recognize the significance of each requirement and its application within their organization.
  • Identify and assess food safety risks and hazards in their operations.
  • Familiarize themselves with ISO 22000 standards and their role in enhancing food safety practices.


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Siapa Yang Patut Menghadiri Kursus Ini?

This training is perfect for Food Safety Teams and anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) in the food industry. It is especially beneficial for plant operations staff, quality assurance personnel, managers, supervisors, line leaders, and section heads.

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