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Food Allergen training is designed to provide useful, clear and practical information to help food handlers increase their knowledge, identify allergens and recognize the importance of ensuring foods are labelled correctly in order to keep customers safe.

Food Allergen Awareness Training HRDCorp Claimable

Food allergies can cause severe adverse reactions and, as a food handler, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that the food you serve is safe to eat. Food Allergen training helps to understand the responsibilities of food handlers, including those to ensure that food packaging and menus are labelled correctly in regards to the allergens they contain, as defined by the Law and Regulations enforced

Controlling allergens is an integral part of the HACCP program, and like other food safety hazards, must be tackled following a systematic risk-based approach. Under HACCP, allergens are categorised as chemical hazards.

Tempoh Latihan

4 Hours

Bahasa Digunakan

Bahasa Malaysia or English

Pilihan Latihan

Public & In-House

Kandungan Kursus

Course outline is as below:

  • Introduction About Food Allergy.
  • The Major Food Allergens
  • Global & Malaysia Allergen Labelling Status
  • Allergen Control Plans
  • Summary

Hasil Pembelajaran

The objectives of this training are to raise awareness of food allergens and the potential risk to the consumer. By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify common food allergens and the symptoms of an allergic reaction.
  2. Recognize and explain the risks associated with food allergies and food intolerance.
  3. Demonstrate practical procedures which control the risk of allergen contamination in food.
  4. Describe the legal responsibilities of food businesses and food handlers regarding the control of allergen contamination.


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Siapa Yang Patut Menghadiri Kursus Ini?

This course is for all those who require or want to gain knowledge about food allergy, food allergens, cross contamination and allergen labelling laws.

This training will also help all those who want to know about allergen management, including allergen risk assessment and control, within a short period. In particular, this training is useful for:

  • The staff of any food premises/food business
  • Supervisors/managers of any food establishment
  • Food safety team members
  • Anyone who wants to know about food allergy and its symptoms
  • Anyone who wants to know about food allergens and how to identify them from food labelling.

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